Dariya Maminova (*1988) is a composer, pianist, singer, performer and painter. She comes from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and is currently studying at the Academy of Music and Dance in Cologne with Prof. Michael Beil. Dariya works in the fields of experimental instrumental and electronic music, improvisation, musical theatre, and pop music. She is a performer and composer at the MAMI NOVA project, co-founded with her sister Malika Maminova (percussion) in 2012. 


      A great interest is vocal music: her work catalogue includes pieces for choir, pieces for ensemble and singing, a chamber opera and songs. She is also interested in the synthesis of experimental contemporary music with both pop genres and music from other cultures. Since 2013, Dariya has been a participant in the interdisciplinary project "Framewalk" with the Kabawil organisation in Düsseldorf, where she has worked as a composer and performer together with artists from Ghana, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa and Namibia. Dariya also implements and performs the idea of synthesising various genres in her own project "Dariya's Songs".


     Dariya Maminova studied piano and composition at the Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory, composition both at the Detmold Academy of Music with Prof. Fabien Lévy and at the Academy of Music and Dance in Cologne with Prof. Johannes Schöllhorn and Prof. Brigitta Muntendorf.