• So. 06. October 2024, 18h. Neanderkirche in Düsseldorf, Germany
          new piece for Irene Kurka and Daniel Gloger
  • Sa. 17. February 2024, Deutschen Oper Berlin, Tischlerei
          "BETA" premiere of the opera, libretto: Christiane Mudra
  • Su. 04. February 2024, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany
          New piece for Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart as a part of "ECLAT-2024" Festival   link


  • Sa. 04. November 2023, 19h DALV-Symposium Frankfurt am Main, Germany
          Premiere: "Vanillasong #2" for accordion solo   link
  • Fr. 03. November, 19:30, ДК Рассвет, Москва, Столярный пер., 3к15
          "silently the river silently" in the frame of the Gnesin Contemporary Music Week  link
  • Sa. 14. Oktober, 22 Uhr, Radialsystem Haale, Holzmarktstr. 33, Berlin, Germany
          "I don’t know whether the Earth is spinning or not..." as a part of the project "The Tower of                          Babel" with Klangforum Wien. In frame of "Voices" festival    link
  • Th. 28. September – Su. 1. Oktober, 20 Uhr, Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz, Berlin, Germany
          Premiere of the song "Ich denke ich bin...", Text: J. CS Frank  for soprano, vibraphon and piano                  as a part of "Novoflot: OpernCall: Die Harmonielehre #2, Operninstallation   link
  • Tu. 19. September 2023, 20h «Я не знаю, Земля кружится или нет» ГЭС-2, Moscow, Russia
          "I don’t know whether the Earth is spinning or not..."
          singer: Elene Gvritishvili, conductor: Fedor Lednev     link
  • Fr. 18. August 2023, 19h Амфитеатр "Под небом", Saint-Peterburg, Russia
          #dariyasongs solo-concert